IIoT Gateway Increases Storage Capacities


​The IIoT Gateway RevPi Connect, based on the Raspberry Pi, has been given a model update and is now equipped with up to 32 GB eMMC memory under the name RevPi Connect+. Designed as a powerful IIoT gateway, the device features two Ethernet interfaces, a hardware watchdog and the option of connecting suitable I/O, gateway and radio modules.


Less than four months after the launch of the new Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3+ series by the Raspberry Pi Foundation, KUNBUS is equipping its new RevPi Connect+ with these modules. Compared to the predecessor model with 4 GB eMMC memory, the new devices now have either 8, 16 or 32 GB eMMC memory. The 8 GB version of RevPi Connect+ is now available, the 16 & 32 GB versions will be available by July.


The open source IIoT Gateway RevPi Connect+ offers the user maximum design freedom in the implementation of his IIoT projects due to its open platform concept (including full root rights). The RevPi Connect+ is housed in a DIN rail housing and is equipped with two RJ45 Ethernet sockets, two USB ports, a 4-pole RS485 interface, a Micro-HDMI socket, and a Micro-USB socket. Its two Ethernet interfaces support simultaneous integration in both automation and IT networks. This means, for example, that machine data from the shop floor can be securely transferred directly to the cloud or to a higher-level ERP system. Familiar protocols such as MQTT and OPC UA are available to the user for this purpose. Individual applications can be programmed via Node-RED, Python or directly in C, for example.


Due to its modular design, it is possible to equip the 45 mm wide base module with suitable extension modules such as IOs, fieldbus gateways, and radio modules. These expansion modules can be connected (without tools) to the base unit via a plug-and-play connector at the top and easily configured via a graphical user interface.
A customized Raspbian with a real-time patch is used as the operating system. In addition, the RevPi Connect+ already has master and slave capabilities of the widely used Modbus RTU and Modbus TCP protocols ex works. The integration into other fieldbus or Industrial Ethernet networks can be realized with the expansion modules mentioned above. Optionally available control and HMI software also enable the IIoT Gateway to be expanded into a small industrial controller.

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