iLift™ - Today’s Fastest, Most Precise Lifting System


Stanley’s iLift™, the most advanced lifting and balancing system available, allows operators to manipulate loads with greater speed and precision than ever before. By simply grasping the slide handle or the load itself and gently applying force in the desired direction, the operator can manipulate payloads as if they weighed ounces.

Operators can meet productivity goals while reducing ergonomic strain, with programmable virtual limits, user-selectable operating profiles, and vertical speeds up to 4.9 ft/sec. Offering a blend of power assist and hands-on (“float mode”) load positioning, the iLift combines computerized control with human manipulation.

The iLift maximizes the capability of end effectors —with a programmable hub featuring internal logic for control of end effector functions via air cylinders, interlocks, proximity switches, and a locally mounted E-Stop.

Allowing easy installation on existing or new rail configurations, quick programmability, and semi-automation, the iLift is the highest performing lift assist available today.


• Capacity (load & end effector) - 150 lbs. (68 kg.) • Maximum Velocity - ±295 ft/min (1.5 m/sec) peak speed • Primary Power - 120 V AC, 15 amps max current draw • Hub Configuration Inputs - 3 digital, 3 analog • Vertical Travel - 120 in. (3m) with 1 / 8 in. wire rope • Maximum Acceleration - ±1 G peak acceleration • Hub Power available for End Effectors - 12 V 3 amps • Hub Configuration Outputs - 2 digital, 1 Interlock, & 1 E-Stop
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