Illuminated Pilot Devices


Fuji AR30 series pilot devices includes a selection of 30 mm pushbuttons, non-illuminated as well as illuminated models, with flush round heads, extended round heads, and mushroom style heads. Other Fuji 30mm pilot devices include emergency stop pushbuttons, selector switches, pilot lights, joysticks and buzzers.


AR30 pilot devices can be mounted on panels from 1 to 6mm thick in panel cutouts of 30.5 mm diameter. Fuji AR30 pilot devices provide quick snap-on replacement of contact blocks and can be wired in horizontal and vertical directions making wiring in narrow spaces easier. The AR30 devices include a terminal cover for added safety; available oil and dust-proof operator modules are IP65-rated.


  • 30.5 mm diameter hole
  • Fits 1 to 6 mm max panel thickness
  • Quick snap-on replacement of contact blocks
  • Double-break self-cleaning contacts
  • Terminal cover included for added safety
  • Wiring possible in vertical and horizontal directions
  • Oil and dust-proof operator modules (IP65) except for buzzer BR30B5 (IP00)
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