IMPACT™ A20 Intelligent Camera


PPT VISION, Inc. has announced the release of the new IMPACT™ A20 Intelligent Camera. The IMPACT A20, along with the bundled IMPACT Software Suite, delivers high-end machine vision power and flexibility in a vision sensor profile. The IMPACT A20 is industrially rugged yet compact, offering high-performance on-board image processing, a digital imaging sensor, real-time I/O and 256 MB of on-board memory. “This latest upgrade to our robust, conveniently sized and affordable A Series intelligent camera product line, the new IMPACT A20, provides our manufacturing customers worldwide with an unprecedented level of image processing power at this price point,” stated Mr. Joe Christenson, President of PPT VISION. “When combined with the deep image processing toolset and easy ability to build custom HMIs in the IMPACT Software, the IMPACT A20 represents a value proposition for manufacturing customers that is unmatched in the machine vision industry.” Included in the IMPACT Software Suite, the IMPACT Vision Program Manager (VPM) now has more than 120 tools, including OCR, blob analysis, circle gauge, circular pattern find, line find, sub-pixel gauging and many other advanced vision tools that allow users to create vision programs to suit a broad range of applications. A pre-configured operator panel is built within VPM so inspection data and pass/fail results can be displayed at the touch of a button, right within the same software application. Another IMPACT Software Suite tool, IMPACT Control Panel Manager (CPM), now comes with more than 60 fully-configurable controls, allowing users to create custom, professional control panels with multiple image displays, data charts, real-time inspection results with password-protected panels, frames and tabs. In addition, The IMPACT Software Suite comes with multi-language support. Users can create a language resource file in their local language such that all user-interface text within the software can be displayed in their local language. Completed resource files for Chinese, Japanese and German are currently available for distribution. Along with its powerful algorithms and one-of-a-kind, sophisticated, user-friendly software interface, the IMPACT A20 offers all the functionality of a high-end vision system in a sensor footprint. A broad array of discrete I/O, serial, Ethernet/IP™, TCP/IP, HTTP and ActiveX® communication protocols make the IMPACT A20 compatible with a full spectrum of industrial control equipment and instrumentation.
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