Impact Tester Provides Software Connectivity


The Series DX-8300 Dart Impact Tester is a proven tool for more closely controlling nominal and peak strength characteristics to speed your:
•        Production and additives settings and adjustments
•        Research and development of new film and sheet products
•        Inspection of incoming film and sheet products
•        In-process checks to ensure on-spec product for converting operations



  • Meets ASTM D1709 Methods A & B Standard Test Method for Free Falling Dart Impact Testing of Plastic Film
  • Full Electronic Operation - Provides Advanced Safety Features plus Software and PC Connectivity
  • Industry-Leading Software - Automate your Tester with the DX-8300 Dart Drop Software; allows Pass-Fail testing plus Staircase testing to automate ASTM D1709 testing requirements
  • Easy Pneumatic-Assisted Operation - Operates with pneumatic-assist for dart release and film/sheet sample clamping. Pneumatic-assisted clamping and dart release is useful for higher clamping forces without the requirement for large, inefficient electromagnetic releases
  • Expandable; Flexible Operation for Method A & B Testing - Portable and expandable with models for Method A testing, or Method A & B combination testing. Extensions and custom dart stems & weights available for testing to your in-house developed requirements
  • Affordable - Best of all, the series DX-8300 is economically priced. Comes complete with everything needed to run tests
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