Improve Boiler Efficiency


By: Scott A. Rouse, Sierra Instruments

In many chemical plants, the electricity the plant uses is derived from a natural gas power plant or a co-generation plant burning waste gas streams. In large boilers, power plants bring together air and fuel (natural gas, waste gas, oil or coal) for combustion, which creates heat. The heat boils the water, creating steam. The steam runs through a turbine, which causes the turbine to spin, thus generating electricity.


Measuring the flow energy — flows that cost money such as natural gas, waste gas, water, and steam — in these boiler applications is critical for improving energy efficiency, identifying waste and minimizing the greenhouse gases going into the atmosphere. Only with accurate flow measurement can you make informed decisions to improve energy efficiency.


Download the white paper to discover which flow meter technologies provide the most accurate flow measurement data so you can optimize your boiler efficiency and energy production.

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