Improved AEROVENT 3 Aerosol Can Disposal System


Newstripe, Inc. is pleased to announce the newly redesigned AEROVENT 3 aerosol can disposal system. It now incorporates improved gaskets, seals and can housing. According to Ralph Newman, president of Newstripe, these improvements make the AEROVENT 3 even more durable and easier to use. This unique product solves the expensive problem of disposing of aerosol cans as a hazardous waste. After being processed in the AEROVENT 3, the cans can be recycled as scrap steel or discarded as regular trash. The AEROVENT 3 mounts on any 30 or 55-gallon drum. Insert up to 3 aerosol cans, close the lid, lower the handle and you no longer have a hazardous material. In less than 10 seconds the AEROVENT 3 has punctured and drained the cans. The AEROVENT 3 is very economical and fast. Priced at less than $800.00, it can pay for itself in one day. Plus, the AEROVENT 3 is safe and environmentally friendly. Its non-sparking design includes cobalt piercing tips and anti-static grounding cable. The unit totally encloses the cans being punctured keeping the operator out of harms way. The vent filter eliminates VOC and hydrocarbons from being released into the atmosphere and being inhaled by the operator. Newstripe also manufactures compaction and crushing equipment, paint stripers and industrial stencils.


• FAST, empty three cans at a time • Simple mechanical hand operation • Safe • 18-month warranty
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