Improved Kalcret® Hard Compound from Abresist


Abresist Corporation introduces the new and improved KALCRET® hard compound, cement bonded wear protection for system components and pipes. The new KALCRET features a reduced mixing time of approximately 5 minutes, is easier to handle and offers a faster installation time. The new compound can also be easily applied overhead.

KALCRET is made up of a hard aggregate material, cement binder and micro and nano silica. The hard aggregate provides the high quality wear protection, while the micro and nano silica fill the pores between the cement portions. KALCRET reaches high strength and wear resistance after 8 hours.

Suitable for temperatures up to 1,200°C/2,192°F, KALCRET handles a broad range of abrasive products, including coal, cement, ore, sand and other hard, granular materials. KALCRET is available as a trowelled, cast or sprayed-on compound to provide a continuous lining for system components with horizontal, vertical, inclined, curved, flat and large surfaces. KALCRET is also available in prefabricated shaped elements and equipped with threaded studs or weld clips.
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