Improved Standard Manual Model Yellow Jacket 110®


Yellow Jacket LLP improved 87” Standard Manual Model Yellow Jacket 110® Orbital Stretch Wrap Machine is for securing any standard, oversized or odd-shaped palletized loads right on the forks of the forklift. The loads are wrapped and secured as a horizontally positioned stretch-wrap dispenser moves around and under a load as the Yellow Jacket 110 is manually advanced across the length of the load. The 87” diameter model has increased capacity and speed, offers a “beefier” design, is more convenient and easy to use than previous models, and provides for simpler maintenance.

The 87” Manual Yellow Jacket 110 offers the following user benefits:

Delivers increased “wrapped load” capacity and speed:

  • The upright supports have been turned and moved out for full ring use, increasing the overall load size capacity
  • Direct drive motor increases ring speed (how quickly the stretch-wrap dispenser moves around the load)

Has a “beefier” design:

  • The width is increased for additional stability (overall footprint is 114” wide x 92” long x 98” high)
  • The bolted, mainframe connections have been replaced with welded connections to reduce vibration and increase strength, durability

Other “beefier design” improvements include a heavier/sturdier rail system, heavier duty bearings and a solid bar replacing the “pan” design of the cross members for increased strength. Lexan on the unit’s side and front increase visibility and safety.

Convenient, easier to use:

  • Casters of previous models are replaced by fork pockets to increase stability and provide a safer, easier way to move the unit
  • The unit does not require a pallet to ship and the lower height eliminates the need for oversize trucks and dock doors. Frame offers protection during handling and shipping
  • The handlebar was moved to the left side for increased visibility and convenience for the forklift driver

Easy maintenance and retrofits:

  • New gear system’s lubricant is filled at the factory and requires no maintenance
  • The unit can be modified in the field by adding semi-auto or fully automatic parts (retrofit kits)
  • New maintenance points allow for easier access for maintenance and inspection
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