IMTS 2016: Dürr Ecoclean Presents Innovative System for Solvent-Based Parts Cleaning


Whether in machining or metal forming – wherever oil-free surfaces must be obtained, solvents are the part-cleaning media of choice.

With its EcoCCore system Dürr Ecoclean will present an innovative machine for solvent-based parts cleaning at this year’s IMTS. It is designed to use non-halogenated hydrocarbons or modified alcohols and convinces with an extensive standard equipment level for improved cleaning performance, superior process reliability and significant cost savings.

It is the task of industrial parts cleaning to fulfill surface cleanliness specifications which are required for further processing or the assembly of workpieces. In case, parts cleaning is performed with solvents, Dürr Ecoclean’s EcoCCore enables to gain a competitive advantage.

This is achieved by improved cleaning quality, short cycle times, high process reliability as well as cost and energy savings. The machine, which operates under full vacuum conditions, also offers an extensive standard equipment level including, e.g. two flood tanks, heat recovery, and full-flow plus bypass filtration capabilities.

The EcoCCore is designed to use non-halogenated hydrocarbons or modified alcohols and switching from one solvent to the other and back is particularly easy, making the machine flexible to adapt to changes in the production process.


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Innovative technology for optimized cleaning quality:

A major step towards improved cleaning quality lies in the new preliminary vapor degreasing process. Here the oil-rich solvent does not go to the flood tank as usual but is directed straight into the distillation system. This minimizes oil deposits in the flood tank and an undesirable oil saturation of the solvent. The result is an enhanced degreasing performance that is particularly beneficial with parts to be coated or laser-welded after cleaning. In addition, the preliminary vapor degreasing step offers advantages under elevated oil input conditions or when a second flood tank is used for corrosion protection.

Another feature boosting cleaning performance is the capability to use ultrasonic and filtration simultaneously. With this feature, particles are removed from the work chamber throughout this process step, opposed to conventional systems in which they can settle at the bottom of the work chamber before being filtered. To enable this, the EcoCCore pumps are equipped with variable-frequency drive units and control the volumetric flow rate in such a manner that the ultrasonic system can exert its full effect. This efficient and flexible combined filtration system ensures an effective removal of particles. Moreover, the unit comes with a frequency-controlled drive for the rotation and high-accuracy positioning of parts. A "gentle" operating mode prevents sensitive parts from getting dropped or displaced during start-up or handling operations.

Reduced cost per unit through higher throughput:

The work chamber is designed to hold cleaning loads measuring up to 26.4 x 18.9 x 15.7 in, thereby offering 33% more cleaning capacity with the same footprint when compared to other cleaning systems. Throughput can thus be doubled, depending on the basket size, resulting in more production in the same time and floor space. The maximum load weight capacity has likewise been increased by more than 30 percent to 440 lb. With a cycle time of less than 8 minutes, this provides a significant reduction in cleaning cost per unit.

Ease of operation boosts process reliability:

Operating the EcoCCore machine is simple, fast and safe using the 7" color display based on self-explanatory pictographs. Thus, for instance, a temperature needs to be preset only for the first flood tank; a matching setting for the second tank is then selected automatically. Process tracking and maintenance, too, are rendered intuitive and more convenient by the integrated partial visualization system. An optional full visualization capability can be integrated as well. This intuitive control panel will allow the operators to spend less time setting up and adjusting the machine, reducing downtime and increasing productivity.

Redefining efficiency:

Particular attention is also paid to high efficiency and ease of maintenance. Thus, for instance, both flood tanks are heated entirely with thermal energy recovered from the distilling circuit. The heat input from the distilling system can be adjusted as needed in multiple stages. This will result in energy savings and a higher throughput guarantee, as the machine can handle higher oil input rates. For the discharge of oil, a new process based on a heating blanket which is fully independent from the distillation system ensures optimized oil evaporation. As a result, a much broader range of oil grades can be removed in a safe and reliable manner, reducing solvent consumption. Moreover, oil encrustation requiring costly and time-consuming cleaning of the oil recovery systems is avoided. Machines used for rust protection application also allow for cost savings and lower RP product consumption, as the EcoCCore is equipped with advanced level control systems that reduce carryover and cross contamination. Switching from cleaning to corrosion protection mode can be made simply by the push of a button on the operator panel.

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