IMTS 2016: INDEX Introduces New Turn-Mill with Bevel Gear Capability


The new INDEX G220 Turn-Mill Center includes a motorized 5-axis 18000-rpm (max.) milling spindle and a tool turret with Y-axis, providing maximum machining flexibility for turning and milling complex parts in a single setup from bar stock up to 90 mm diameter, chuck diameter 210 mm.

Distance between spindles is 1280 mm, maximum turning length is 1000 mm. Users in the precision parts industries including automotive, aerospace, and mechanical engineering will benefit from the high-accuracy done-in-one capability of the machine.

INDEX will demonstrate the machine cutting bevel gears from bar stock at IMTS 2016, Booth S-8136. The cutting method is similar to the Klingelnberg gear generating method and makes use of the G220’s Y-B axis provided in the milling head.

According to INDEX, the process is ideal for smaller, .6 to 4 module, size bevel gears as it can produce high quality gears – front and back – faster than conventional bevel gear machines. The G220 can also produce other type of gears as well as other complex precision parts due to its versatility.

The fluid-cooled, identical main and counter spindles provide power of 31.5/ 32 kW (100%/40%), a torque of 125/ 170 Nm and a maximum speed of 5000 rpm.

The fluid-cooled five-axis motorized milling spindle (power 11 kW, torque 19/30 Nm, speed up to 18000 rpm) has hydrostatic bearings in the Y/B-axes. The stable circular guide further ensures excellent rigidity and damping. The Y-axis features a +/-80 mm stroke, the B-axis driven directly by a torque motor has a swivel range of -50 to +230 degrees. With a large travel distance in the X-direction, machining at up to 30 mm below the turning center height is possible.

The motorized milling spindle operates using a one or optionally two-row tool chain magazine which features space for 70 or 140 tools (HSK-A40). The double-row tool magazine enables setup during machining time.

A tool turret is located in the lower part of the machine, can accommodate VDI 25 and VDI 30 tool mountings in 18 or 12 stations, respectively, all of which can be equipped with individually driven tools (power 6 kW, torque 18 Nm, speed 7200 rpm).

The compact machine features a CNC-controlled programmable gantry-type removal unit for finished workpieces. It can unload remnants from the main spindle as well as finished parts from the counter spindle. The G220 offers a generous work area, so operators have easy access to the main and counter spindles, the turret and the motorized milling spindle, as well as the operating panel.

The G220 presents a particular highlight when it comes to user friendliness and process reliability with the latest generation of the INDEX C200 SL controller. Based on the Siemens Sinumerik 840D sl (solution line), it features an 18-inch touchscreen. The operating panel can do more than just operate the machine. It features a second input which INDEX uses for its own Virtual Machine (VM) program simulation (option). By pressing a button, the operator can switch to “VM on Board” and make use of simulation, irrespective of current machine operations.


  • Booth: S-8136

  • Distance between spindles: 1280 mm, maximum turning length is 1000 mm
  • Spindles power: 31.5/ 32 kW (100%/40%)
  • Torque:  125/ 170 Nm
  • Maximum Speed: 5000 rpm
  • Magazine: 70 or 140 tools (HSK-A40)
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