IMTS 2016: Machining of Stainless Materials


Mikron Tool expands its offerings for the machining of stainless materials. Since these materials are not exactly easy to machine, Mikron Tool, when developing these tools considered their specific characteristics such as poor heat conductivity, tough and elastic material and long chips. The central theme to reach an efficient solution is the cooling. Whenever possible this factor has been considered in the development effort in conjunction with the tool geometry.

Already well introduced in the market is a family of small drills in the diameter range up to max. 2 mm as well as small milling cutters of 0.3 to 6mm (.0118” to .236”). At this point the offering is expanding, including new drilling and milling tools, which open new possibilities for the end user.


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  • CrazyDrill SST Inox:
    A small drill for bore diameters from 0.3 to 2 mm (.0118” to .079”) and for drilling depths up to 12 x d is especially adapted for the “difficult” characteristics of stainless materials. It has the corresponding tip configuration and a digressive flute facilitating a good chip break and swift chip evacuation.
  • CrazyDrill Flex SST-Inox:
    New Micro Deep Hole Drill of the family CrazyDrill Flex which was up to now only sold for steel and titanium is now available in the diameter range of 0.3 to 1.2mm (.0118” to .047”) for stainless steel materials. This new tool makes deep holes of up to 50 x d (!) possible in stainless, acid and heat resistant materials.
  • CrazyDrill Pilot SST-Inox:
    The perfect complement to the above featured carbide drills. This pilot drill has coolant channels which are integrated in the shank. Equally with this tool, the digressive flutes and good chip removal feature produce short chips and evacuates them quickly and reliably. All dimensions are perfectly in tune with the large drills, the diameters are ground to such precision so that there is no step between the pilot hole and the long bore. This makes the decision to use the two tools in conjunction of importance. An additional advantage: simultaneous with the pilot bore a chamfer of 90° can be made. Hence the use of an additional tool becomes redundant.
  • CrazyDrill Cool SST-Inox:
    The small drill for stainless steels in the diameter range of 1mm up to 6mm (.039” to .236”) distinguishes itself with the internal spiral coolant channels which bring cooling to the drill tip and thus guarantee a constant coolant stream during the entire drilling process. These cooling channels have their form designed so that an overheating of the cutting edges even in smallest diameters is prevented. This in turn allows drilling to the full depth of 10 x d in one single thrust, without pecking.
  • CrazyDrill Coolpilot:
    The complimentary pilot drill for the CrazyDrill Cool SST-Inox. He has also the spiralized, internal coolant channels up to the tip and is equally available in the diameter range of 1 to 6mm, with the tolerances in tune with the long drills which prevents steps if the two tools are being used in conjunction.
  • CrazyMill Cool Ballmill:
    Complements the program of the high performance small milling cutters and will be presented the first time at the IMTS in Chicago. A geometry designed for tough and elastic materials and the cooling integrated in the shank are the specific characteristics of this carbide full radius mill. Available in the diameter range of 0.3 up to 8mm (.0118” to .315”) and for maximum milling depths of 5 d., the tool convinces with its extremely high speed and feed velocities with a depth of cut (ap) 1xd depending whether used for roughing or finishing. 10 to 15 times higher chip removal rates are possible compared to other conventional milling cutters.





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