IMTS 2016: Meister Abrasive Unveils its Revolutionary cDD Diamond Dressers


New generation of cDD Diamond Dressers deliver the certified, best-in-industry tool radius tolerances that are essential for today’s most demanding micro-precision grinding applications. The radius form tolerance of these new micro-precision diamond dressers can be certified accurate to within 2μm (+/- 0.001mm) if the application requires.

This degree of certified precision makes micro-precision cDD Diamond Dressers suitable for the CNC truing and sharpening of grinding wheels used in manufacturing automotive and aerospace bearing races, high-precision gear grinding, plunge grinding of fuel injection armatures and needles, and other critical grinding applications that require form tolerances as tight as 2 microns.


Accuracy: 2μm (+/- 0.001mm


  • Superior Truing (accurate and consistent profile generation on the grinding wheel)
  • Superior Sharpening (does not dull the grinding wheel)
  • Low dressing forces
  • Grinding wheel cuts better and achieves better part quality
  • Lower dress in-feed or higher skip dress possible
  • Dressing tool stays sharp – No conditioning required


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