IMTS 2016: Metal Additive Manufacturing System


Making a splash at its first IMTS, SLM Solutions will feature the top-selling SLM 280HL metal additive manufacturing system, their mid-range machine with a build envelope of 280x280x350mm.

As with all SLM Solutions machines, the SLM 280HL features the patented bi-directional re-coater. Alone by laying fresh powder on the build plate in both directions, as opposed to coating in one direction and then returning to a “home” position, build times can be reduced by 30%. Additionally, multiple laser configurations including twin 400W or dual lasers of 400W and 1000W also increase build speeds compared to single laser options. The combination of an increased build envelope, a faster recoating process and dual laser technology makes SLM Solutions the fastest machines in their class.

New users to additive manufacturing benefit from SLM Solutions powder handling systems, minimizing the risk of operator exposure to metal powders and ensuring top material quality through inert gas handling. SLM Solutions also provides open system architecture for materials and parameters, allowing the opportunity to operate machines in-house with standard or propriety parameters. In addition, users of multiple machines, or those looking at ramping up production in the future, are guaranteed a secure investment since individual developments on the SLM 280HL can be transferred to other machines, such as the larger SLM 500HL platform available with four lasers.


Booth: N-71


    • 30% faster than the competition with twin-laser technology
    • Patented bi-directional loader
    • Built-in 400W Fiber Laser technology, or upgrade to 700W for more laser power
    • Option to add 1 additional 400W, 700W or 1000W Fiber Laser
    • Closed-loop powder handling
    • Open software architecture & system parameters
    • Upgraded process control
    • Optimized laminated gas flow and recirculation
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