IMTS 2016: Modula Launches New Vertical Lift System


Modula will premier its Modula OnePick vertical lift module Chicago’s IMTS 2016 this coming September.

Modula OnePick combines the vertical lift module`s technology with a sophisticated automated system for the picking and replenishment of a single product at the time, directly from the bay, reducing to zero the error margin and guaranteeing the highest level of safety.

OnePick also allows products to be picked and replenished in a fully automated way in combination with delivery and takeaway conveyor, via the introduction of an innovative secure delivery interface window, which guarantees greater accuracy and precision.

At the operators request the OnePick retrieves the selected item and places it in a retrieval location in the secure delivery window. The unit’s design ensures that when the door opens automatically, the operator has access to that requested item. With this feature, inventory is always safe and under control making the OnePick the perfect storage solution for valuable items that need flawless and safe picking.

Visitors at the IMTS will have the opportunity to see up close how Modula’s newest addition raises the bar in the industry by offering two technologies combined in one unique product. The OnePick’s added customization grants users the option of switching operation modes from standard Vertical Lift with access to SKUs from a full tray, to a restricted access single pick device. This offers users the advantages of two systems combined into the same dynamic machine. In addition, the versatile nature of the OnePick makes it stand out as it becomes the only machine in the market that features the flexibility of being integrated into a fully automated line and at the same time serve alongside human operators. Modula`s OnePick `s production will start at the end of this year in both Modula`s factories in Italy and USA.


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