IMTS 2016: New Automation from Felsomat


In 1990, Felsomat introduced the FZ250 Compact Cell that was the first autonomous loading system designed to enable all manufacturing processes to be completely decoupled. The world’s leading transmission gear manufacturers immediately realized many advantages of this revolutionary concept that uses wire baskets to transfer gears between processes which prevents damage to gears prior to hardening. Each machine tool is decoupled with its own loader which creates an open structure that is completely flexible, accessible for maintenance and quick to change over as production demands.  

Over the years, Felsomat has continued to lead the industry by introducing several variants of this efficient machine-loading concept. Since 1990, Felsomat has delivered over 10,000 machine loading cells to the world’s leading automotive powertrain manufacturers and tier one suppliers such as Audi, BMW, Eaton, FCA, Ford, Getrag, Linamar, GM, Mercedes, VW and ZF.

At IMTS 2016, Felsomat will unveil the latest version of the Flexible Stacking Cell, the FSC 600, that will be displayed together with a Reishauer gear-grinding machine. This new cell is completely built on a fabricated base for easy transportation and quick installation. The base is also designed to contain any cutting fluids that may be required in the machining process and prevent those fluids from migrating to the factory floor. Additionally, the cell features active basket hanger locks that ensure an accurate and uninterrupted loading sequence and allow for a higher tolerance in the baskets. This type of automation is available with a gantry loader or with a Fanuc robot.

Also on display for the first time is the enhanced FHC 80 hobbing machine with integrated conveyor that is loaded/unloaded directly from/to dunnage with skewers. This solution minimizes floor space requirement and is controlled directly by the machine in one compact hobbing cell. Additional modules can be added to unload into heat treatment alloys or baskets.

The latest FSC 600 is a holistic automation platform and the latest in a long line of innovative automation solutions from Felsomat that are often copied but never equaled.



  • Compact design with small foot pring
  • Scalable cell unit in width and length
  • Work piece supply with an autonomous cell, freely configurable in relation to the position of the machine tool
  • High inventory of parts per stack
  • Loading of the baskets only once, there is no manual part handling required afterwards for downstream operations.
  • No idle times at basket or stack exchange
  • No need for a constant attentions by the operator at the cell
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