IMTS 2016: OMAX Highlights the Next Generation of Micromachining


At IMTS 2016 this September, OMAX Corporation will showcase the next generation of the MicroMAX abrasive waterjet, capable of producing the most accurate parts in the industry.

The latest model of the MicroMAX includes accuracy enhancing upgrades and expanded accessory compatibility.


With this release, the OMAX Tilt-A-Jet cutting head comes standard for even greater precision and virtually zero taper when working with most materials. Contributing to the ultra-high precision capability of the MicroMAX is OMAX’s proprietary linear traction drive system that utilizes optical encoders to provide a positioning accuracy of less than five microns. Protective bellows seal off all precision components inside the MicroMAX
and the machine’s rigid construction minimizes vibration, enhancing its accuracy. A catcher tank cooling package is now an option available to keep the water at a steady 72°F, preventing the work material from expanding and contracting during machining.

The MicroMAX is now compatible with the OMAX Precision Optical Locator (POL) as an add-on accessory. The POL can locate existing points, edges or holes in a premachined part for secondary machining operations or reverse engineering of a part where this is permissible. The Rotary Axis is another optional accessory compatible with the MicroMAX for full 6-axis machining.

A steel, epoxy-coated enclosure with sliding doors covers the MicroMAX system for quiet, clean machining. A mobile work station with easy-to-use controller software provides the operator with convenient set-up and monitoring capability. This latest model of the MicroMAX is compatible with the OMAX Variable Speed Solids Removal System (VS-SRS) to efficiently remove garnet from the waterjet catcher tank.


Booth: N-6228

Machine Dimensions

  • Footprint – (L x W): 6' 2" x 7' 0"
  • Height:     7' 0"
  • Weight (tank empty): 3,800 lb

Work Envelope

  • X-Y Cutting Envelope: 2' 1" x 2' 1"
  • Z-Axis Travel: 4.50"
  • Table Size – (L x W): 2' 11" x 3' 0"

Standard Model Specifications

  • Speed: 100 in/min
  • Linear Positional Accuracy: ±0.0001"
  • Repeatability: ±0.0001"
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