IMTS 2016: RedViking Announces its Argonaut Manufacturing Performance Platform


RedViking announces its flexible, scalable MES: Argonaut. The first manufacturing performance platform of its kind, Argonaut lets users install only the manufacturing apps they need, only where they need them and control them from a central location.  
Argonaut’s open architecture gives users the ability to start with one app and add others as they need them. Put error-proofing on one cell, tracking and product genealogy on another and automated work instructions throughout the plant.  Update them all from a central location, with virtually no downtime.
With full IIoT publish/subscribe capability, users will have the ability to provide manufacturing data to any secure recipient anywhere in the world.
Argonaut uses Spearhead, the simple, affordable edge of network device that captures data directly from PLCs and other plant floor devices, eliminating the need for an operation-level PC.

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