IMTS 2016: RÖHM's Workholding Tech Maximizes Machine Time


At IMTS 2016 in booth W-2528, Röhm Products of America will show its strength as a one-stop clamping and gripping supplier by presenting a wide range of workholding innovations.

Among the products on display will be two of the company’s newest solutions that fulfill industry demands for increased efficiency, ergonomics, weight reduction and convenience.

Manufacturers in search of new ways to maximize the potential of their milling and turning machines will want to see the DURO-TA XT key bar chuck. Röhm engineered this manual chuck with weight reduction, workpiece accessibility and application flexibility in mind. Up to 75% lighter than competitive designs, the DURO-TA XT features extended and easily detachable guideways that allow for an unmatched clamping range and the quick conversion between small and large workpieces.

Additionally, through the direct mount on the base body, these guideways provide high rigidity, stability and protection against dirt and dust.

Another highlight in Röhm’s booth at IMTS will be the Power-Grip modular, zero-point clamping system that meets manufacturers’ demands for customizable solutions to maximize machine utilization.

A user-friendly palletization system, Power-Grip reduces both the number of set ups required per part, and allows set up to take place outside of the machine, thus eliminating downtime due to workpiece clamping. Moreover, Power-Grip can be seamlessly incorporated with a multitude of Röhm standard clamping devices, allowing for easy and flexible integration.

Application specialists will be on hand to address these challenges as well as show how Röhm’s workholding and automation technology can help increase productivity through lights-out and just-in-time manufacturing.



  • Weight-reducing construction makes maximum utilisation of the machine's potential possible and clamping of higher workpiece weights
  • Protection of the machine's spindle and therefore lower maintenance costs


  • Flexible clamping area through extended guideways for fast conversion to large and small workpieces
  • Easy disassembling of the guideways for clamping smaller workpieces


  • Minimum interfering contours and better workpiece accessibility through compact construction and reduced overall height by up to 78%
  • High stability through direct mounting of the firmly screwed guideways
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