IMTS 2016: Tilt Ball Drive Systems Rotary Tables


For Koma Precision and Tsudakoma, IMTS 2016 heralds the arrival of the Tilt Ball Drive System Rotary Tables into the North American market. The Ball Drive system features advantages like zero backlash, improved cycle times, energy conservation and a lifetime adjustment-free transmission system. The TBS tilt tables are perfect for a dual axis use on VMC’s. A demonstration of the Ball Drive System will be on display in their booth S-9153.

Also, new from Tsudakoma is the RDS Series direct drive rotary tables that utilizes Tsudakoma’s proprietary direct drive motor system enabling the rotary table to achieve high speed and acceleration with no backlash. The new direct drive rotary tables also feature a slim low profile build that makes it very suitable for mass production and high speed indexing operations in the automotive, medical and computer/electronic manufacturing industries. The combination of these innovative technologies makes Tsudakoma rotary tables the most reliable and productive in the industry.


Booth: S-9153

New from Alberti:

  • High Pressure offset angle heads
    The new series of offset angle heads feature a combination of high pressure coolant through the main spindle up to 100 bar with increased high speed option. Another big advantage is the possibility of dry running during machining, something that wasn’t available in the past and gives tremendous value to our customers’ changing application needs. These heads are a result of Alberti’s persistent research & development and attempt to deliver continuous improvement.
  • Hi Smart quick change angle heads
    Alberti’s Smart Change System enables easy and precise quick-changing of the output adapters. The cost-effective units have a low profile with no additional projection to reduce the output profile. The easy-to-use design creates three points of contact between the angle head, output spindle and the smart change adapter.  This triple contact design eliminates the compromise in concentricity and rigidity to gain the speed and convenience of quick-change tooling.    To further increase productivity, the SmartChange System allows for tools to be externally preset. So the Smart Change output adapters can be staged and ready to use.
  • Hi Flex custom made special angle heads
    For over 35 years, Alberti has been providing the most innovative range of products that are extremely reliable and enable manufacturing to strict tolerances. Fixed angle heads, offset angle heads, multiple output heads, long reach angle heads are just a few examples of Alberti’s design and manufacturing capabilities.
  • High Speed Turboflex Spindles
    With the air driven high speed turboflex spindles it is possible to reach 60,000 RPM output. These high performance spindles can be easily installed on the machine through a special stop block and controller unit connected to the NC. These are most suited for micromachining, engraving, small drilling, milling and polishing operations.
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