In-Line Oil Mist Accumulator Knocks out Excessive Effluent and Gives Collectors More Punc


Low-cost, In-line Accumulator catches oils and mists from machining, parts washers. Ideal for use on machine tools with high-speed cutters and high-flow coolant.

 K&B Duct's new In-line Oil Mist Accumulator is ideal for reducing mist loads upstream from a mist collector, capturing oils, coolants used with high-speed machine tools and water mists from parts washers. The In-line Accumulator has no moving parts, no power and is about 10 percent of the cost of a more sophisticated mist collector.

The In-line Accumulator uses expanded metal mesh in a cone shape to catch excessive effluent and reduce the amount of mist in the air stream that reaches the collector. This reduces the load on the collector and increases its life and effectiveness. It also allows for use of a smaller capacity collector at the end of the system.

The In-line Mist Accumulator fits into the duct system directly at the machine and the two-piece construction allows for easy disassembly and cleaning if required. The Accumulator operates in the vertical position, draining collected material back into the machine sump.
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