Inch-Size Self-Adhesive Rulers


These RoHS-compliant rulers are used to provide measurement markings in a variety of applications on machine tools, woodworking equipment, etc., in industries such pharmaceutical, packaging, and the food industry. GN 711 Self-Adhesive Rulers in inch sizes are offered in three versions: stainless steel, 0.02" thickness, scale etched; white plastic, 0.01" thickness, highlighted in silver, scale printed; and transparent plastic,  0.01" thickness, transparent, scale printed. Each version is available also in five different scale sequences.


Three different versions:

  • stainless steel, 0.02-in. thickness, scale etched
  • white plastic 0.01-in. thickness. highlighted in silver, scale printed
  • transparent plastic,0.01-in. thickness, transparent, scale printed
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