Index Cutter Heads Simplify the Job


BIG KAISER introduces the Fullcut Mill Contact Grip, an endmill that permits easy indexing of cutter heads while maintaining excellent rigidity and accuracy. With the addition of the Fullcut Radius Mill (FRM) and the Ball End Mill (BE), the Fullcut Mill Contact Grip series now features four connection sizes and seven cutter types.


The unique dual Contact Grip of the Fullcut Mill Contact Grip is a threaded coupling system that achieves machining capacity close to that of integrated types. The taper and flange face make close contact for solid connection and one holder allows selection from multiple heads. 


The FRM includes round inserts with high rake for low cutting resistance, making it ideal for ramping and helical milling applications. The BE is solid CrN-coated carbide for superior wear resistance and is available with two or three flutes in diameters of 16, 20 or 25 mm.   


Indexable endmills are usually known for rough milling. However, other cutters in this series, like the Fullcut Mill FCM Type for profile milling, are designed to realize sharp cutting and low cutting resistance, thanks to the versatile dual-contact Contact Grip design. Similarly, the Fullcut Mill FCR Type heads are multifunction 3D cutters suited for both heavy and stable ramping. Also part of the series are three chamfering options, the C-Cutter Mini for transvers chamfering, the C-Cutter for plunge chamfering and the C-Cutter Universal for adjustable angle chamfering.

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