Indexable Milling Grade for Superalloys


WS40PM indexable milling grade is the first choice for titanium and other superalloys. Its cobalt-rich substrate provides robust fatique resistance and edge integrity, while the multi-phase AITiN-TiN PVD coating reduces tool wear, making it the preferred choice for a wide range of high-temp steel alloys, austenitic and PH stainless steels, nickel-based superalloys such as Hastelloy and Nitronic, and titanium.


Product was taken on a worldwide testing tour and the results were:

  • An aircraft manufacturer enjoyed a 90% reduction in machining time per piece and increased tool life by 50% during Ti-6Al-4V face milling operations
  • Insert flank wear decreased by more than 90% at a UK shop cutting Inconel 625, resulting in a 70% reduction in tooling costs
  • At a turbocharger producer in China, tool life increased 80% while machining an austenitic stainless steel component using WS40PM, with improved part surface quality, reduced cutting forces and better chip flow
  • In another titanium component, the WS40PM/VSM490-15 platform doubled metal removal rates and delivered 80% longer tool life through increased depth of cut and feed per tooth in face and shoulder milling operations
  • The testing laboratory for a well-known brand of machine tools reports metal removal rates 49% greater when shoulder milling Ti-6Al-4V
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