Inductive Loop Detectors


A single loop and dual loop version is available. The single loop version is provided with two outputs: one pulse output and one presence output. It features a sensitivity boost option for reliable detection of high-bed vehicles. The dual loop version is provided with a separate output for each loop, both of which can be configured as a pulse or presence output. The dual loop version provides an innovative feature in which ‘direction logic’ provides a pulse output according to the direction of the vehicle.

Both single and dual loop versions feature simple setup via push button and dip switches, automatic calibration, ON-delay to avoid false detection of small or fast moving objects, and multiple selectable loop frequencies to prevent crosstalk among adjacent loops.

All models are available in 24 VAC/DC, 115 VAC or 230 VAC supply voltage. All are UL and CSA approved, and CE marked. List prices start at $120.

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