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For limited space distance measurement and positioning applications involving metal targets, Baumer introduces the IWFM 08 Series of Inductive Sensors.  Measuring just 4.7 x 8 x 16 mm, these easy-to-mount sensors offer powerful resolutions of <0.001 mm at sensing distances up to 2 mm.

These sensors offer high linearity and repeat accuracy, and are ideal for a variety of highly precise industrial applications.

IWFM 08 Series sensors feature an integrated 0... 10 V output, which allows them to be directly connected to the analog outputs of a control system and eliminates the need for measuring boards or processing units.  These IP67-rated sensors are contained in robust, die-cast zinc/nickel-plated housings that prevent damage during installation and operation.

IWFM 08 Series Inductive Sensors are designed for use in a wide variety of factory automation and assembly/handling applications including automotive production, electronic manufacturing, injection molding, laboratory automation, medical equipment, metalworking, packaging, printing/graphics, solar cell/PV manufacturing, textile production, and wood/lumber processing.  These sensors are proven in highly precise end use applications such as controlling robotic grippers, cranes/lifts, medical scanning equipment, and industrial drilling machines.


  • easy-to-mount
  • resolutions of <0.001 mm
  • sensing distances up to 2 mm
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