Inductor Coils with Passivated Protective Coating


Spiral inductor coils come in ten models―all inductors are 0.012 in. thick. Inductance offered ranges from 1.5 to 300 nH with 1.5 turns up to 18.5 turns.


The spiral inductor coils are manufactured on a thin film process on quartz substrates with precision photolithography and non-chemical etching to ensure clean edges and uniformity from coil to coil. A polymide coating is applied on the quartz substrate to eliminate the need for conformal coating or staking, inductors can be epoxied down with nonconductive epoxy and wire bonded for connection.


These inductors are ideally suited for microwave circuits and power supplies.




Specifications (square dimensions):

  • 0.030 x 0.030 in.
  • 0.040 x 0.040 in.
  • 0.045 x 0.045 in.
  • 0.055 x 0.055 in.
  • 0.065 x 0.065 in.
  • 0.075 x 0.075 in.
  • 0.085 x 0.085 in.
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