Industrial 3D Printer Doubles Resolution


Vector Hi-Res 3SP offers resolution of 0.002-in or 60 µm in the X and Y planes. That is nearly double the resolution of the original Vector 3SP, a popular model that launched a year ago.


The new 3D printer will be able to process a variety of proprietary materials ideal for manufacturers, including ABS Tough, ABS Hi-Impact, E-Glass and E-Tool, which is designed for short-run injection molding of thermoplastics. The system also includes a standalone PC with a large 56-cm (22-in.) touchscreen monitor.


Additionally, EnvisionTEC's exclusive strategic partner, Viridis3D, will be demonstrating its Robotic Additive Manufacturing (RAM) for the first time in Europe. The RAM 123 uses a unique binder jetting head attached to a multi-axis, high-precision robot arm from ABB to print affordable and detailed sand molds and cores for the foundry industry.


Build Envelope

  • 300 x 175 x 275 mm (11.8 x 6.9 x 10.8 in.)


XY Resolution*

  • 50.8 µm (0.002 in.)


Dynamic Voxel Resolution in Z (Material Dependent)

  • 50 – 100 µm (0.002 – 0.004 in.)


Data Handling

  • STL


System Properties
  • A single material is used for both build and easily removable, partially cured perforated supports
  • Very few moving parts make the system user serviceable
  • Low part cost due to minimal material waste
  • Produce everything from concept models to functional parts
  • Can connect directly to a PC workstation or be integrated into a network for pre-processing of the job files and for remote monitoring
  • The system has a stand-alone PC with a 22" touchscreen monitor


Footprint (L x W x H):

  • 91 x 91 x 152 cm (36 x 36 x 60 in.)



  • 192 kg (423 lbs)



  • ABS TRU 3SP: Models similar to those made with ABS plastic
  • E-Glass 3SP: Strong, clear material with flexible capabilities
  • ABS Hi-Impact: Prototype and end-use model printing
  • E-Tool: for quick 3D print molds for thermoplastic injection molding
  • E-Model 3SP: Prototype and end-use model printing
  • E-Clear 3SP: Clear biocompatible 3D printing material


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