Industrial BK6000 Digital Borescope


Regardless of the environment, ambient noise, space limitations and other factors that make detailed inspection improbable if not impossible, the Snap-on Industrial BK6000 Digital Borescope takes the user to the most intricate areas of an assembly line product or facility quickly and easily. 
With an imaging head as small as 7/32" on a flexible cable that can span from 36" to 120", users can now check and inspect hard-to-reach places in manufacturing facilities, containers, assembled product, heavy equipment – virtually anywhere.  The system allows the user to look under doors to see an entire room; a microphone attachment allows listening as well.

A dual-image head gives the user two views at the same time and ensures a superior-quality image.  The 2X digital-zoom on the BK6000 camera features 720x480 image resolution; 320x240 resolution on the unit's 3.5" LCD screen.  A quick-change connector enables use of alternative imagers. 

The BK6000 Borescope records and plays back both still images and video.  A mini USB connector is provided for uploading images and video to a computer or other electronic device.

The Snap-on Industrial BK6000 control handle disengages for greater maneuverability of the imager.  An integrated stand and hanger allow flexible positioning.  A removable rechargeable Lithium-ion pack provides unit power and a 120VAC plug allows the unit to be used while the battery is being charged.

The BK6000 Borescope kit includes the digital scope and a variety of accessories:  one Lithium-ion battery, carrying case, battery charger, USB cable, 36" standard imager, and S-hook, magnet and mirror hanging attachments. 

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