Industrial CO2 Lasers


Prima Electro North America has released a new brochure that details the Convergent line of high powered industrial CO2 lasers, which consists of the CX and CV Series of lasers having maximum average output from 2.5 kW to 5 kW. The brochure includes photo examples, technical details and the operating specifications of each model, arranged into easy to compare charts that make selecting the laser that meets your requirements easy.             

Both the CX Series and CV Series lasers are Fast Axial Flow CO2 lasers that produce high power with exceptional beam quality, which is required for the most demanding precision cutting and welding applications. Their DC excited design yields industry leading electrical efficiency, which minimizes operating costs compared to CO2 lasers of similar average output power from other manufacturers. Utilizing the latest technology and a basic design philosophy that emphasizes simplicity, these systems are highly reliable. All components are housed in a single compact package.             

All new and in full color, this brochure shows detailed pictures and charts of the Convergent full line of high power industrial CO2 Lasers and their many exclusive features along with operating specifications. The brochure features details of the laser’s design with images of its configuration, folded resonator, controls, high voltage system and user interface. This brochure also has detailed charts on the laser’s utility requirements. 

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