Industrial Control System with Advanced Cyber Security


Bedrock OSA delivers I/O, power, and communications across the pin-less electromagnetic backplane with a parallel architecture that supports ultra-fast scan times regardless of I/O count. The removal of I/O pins improves reliability and increases cyber security while forming a galvanic isolation barrier for every I/O channel. This massively innovative backplane also allows the installation of I/O modules in any orientation and location for unprecedented flexibility in I/O and cable management.


  • Real time operating system with the highest safety (SIL 4) and security (EAL6+) rating of any RTOS available today
  • Cyber secure micro-controllers with encrypted keys and TRNG embedded in all system modules including the controller, power supply and I/O
  • All modules encased in anti-tamper metal that is impenetrable without metal cutting tools
  • Authentication extending throughout the supply chain, including third-party software and applications
  • Fewer than a dozen part numbers
  • Reduces overall engineering design costs by up to 33%
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