Industrial Ergonomic Safety Equipment


StrongArm’s ErgoSkeleton line includes the V22 ErgoSkeleton and the FLx ErgoSkeleton, designed to help protect industrial workers from back injuries. Both products are ergonomically designed exoskeletons that, under certain lifting scenarios, have potential to deliver a significant return on investment through injury risk reduction.


V22 ErgoSkeleton™ is a lift assist device, that is designed to automatically remind users to follow the NIOSH and OSHA lifting guidelines in every lift to promote pivoting, knee bending and better body mechanics every day for safer more energetic and more productive work.


FLx ErgoSkeleton™ is a postural support device that is designed to provide feedback to users and remind them to maintain proper posture and to help ensure proper lifting techniques.


V22 ErgoSkeleton & FLx ErgoSkeleton are:

  • Ergonomically designed exoskeletons deliver significant ROI through injury risk reduction
  • help protect industrial workers (or Industrial Athletes) from back injuries
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