Industrial Gas Pressure Regulator


The BelGAS division of Marsh Bellofram has introduced the P200P series manual, direct-acting, self-operating, spring-loaded, adjustable pressure regulators for use in applications where pressure reduction is required.Designed for maximum durability, Marsh Bellofram BelGAS P200P regulators are offered with cast iron or WCB steel bodies, with aluminum bonnets and with a durable powder-coated epoxy exterior finish. 

Units offer installation versatility, an internal relief valve for overpressure protection, and minimize sudden downstream load changes, reducing the risk of safety equipment shutting an operation down. The regulators are available in a wide range of available flow capacities and spring ranges. These robust and reliable features make the P200P ideal for use in other types of industrial monitoring applications, such as pressure regulation of compressors, gas engines, and service regulators.


  • direct-acting
  • self-operating
  • spring-loaded
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