Industrial-Grade Label Applicator


A new robust, highly versatile label applicator that can be optionally equipped to withstand direct water washdowns is now available from Avery Dennison Printer Systems. The product, called the ALS 206, securely applies preprinted product ID labels in widths up to 6.4 inches (160 mm) to targeted items including cartons and boxes. The ALS 206 features die-cast, all-metal construction and a corrosion-resistant cabinet for reliable operation in demanding industrial environments. It can be upgraded to IP 65 electrical-enclosure standards, making it ideal for food industry, pharmaceutical and similar product ID labeling applications. The IP 65 standard indicates an ability to prevent the ingress of dust and to withstand washdown jets from any direction. “The ALS 206 was designed to address the specific needs of industrial-grade product ID labeling operations,” says Dan Williams, marketing manager, Avery Dennison Printer Systems. “The result is a highly durable applicator that can also adapt to diverse labeling environments and requirements.” The ALS 206 adapts easily to a wide range of labeling environments and conveyor setups. Depending on user requirements, for example, the applicator can be mounted in order to apply labels to the top, bottom or sides of targeted items. The ALS 206 is available in right- and left-hand versions, and its dispensing edge can be rotated 90 degrees for added flexibility. Maximum application speed is 30 meters per minute. The ALS 206 is equipped with advanced electronics and dual precision stepper motors for label placement to an accuracy of +/- 0.5 mm. The applicator is controlled directly or from a remote PLC via serial, parallel, wireless, Ethernet or software interfaces. The ALS 206 accommodates label rolls in diameters up to 12 inches (300 mm). The 19.6-inch-tall applicator has a compact 15.6 by 19.6-inch footprint.


• Label roll diameter unwinder 300 mm • Backing paper roll diameter rewinder 200 mm • Core diameter 1.5” / 3” / 4” • Material width incl. backing Paper 10 - 110 mm • Processor 32 Bit CPU (MIPS), RAM 16 MByte, ROM 4 MByte • Card slots Slot for one CF-card or WLAN-card • Control panel Graphical display 128 x 32 dots, 2 lines, 5 push buttons
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