Industrial Grinder


Monster Industrial 7 SHRED grinder is built to fulfill the demands of product reduction for industrial applications such as in petroleum, agriculture, food processing, municipal solid waste and more.    The 7 SHRED is equipped with stronger shafts which allow for greater torque and through put.  With a max horsepower of 100 HP (74 kw), the 7 SHRED is currently the largest series of particle shredders ever produced by JWCE and is designed to stand up to applications requiring product reduction of up to 1500 ft3/h (42 m3/h).  This heavy duty shredder eases through the toughest solids at a higher rate than macerators and ensures smooth, reliable grinding no matter what the debris.   

The 7 SHRED is designed to be horizontally mounted on a stand with a custom designed hopper to allow feed of solids from a conveyor, sluice, or manual feed. Produced in three cutting chambers sizes, 30", 40", and 50", (762mm, 1016mm, 1270mm) and with 10" (254mm) diameter cutters, the 7 SHRED offers a variety of cutter type and thickness options to best suit your need in processing a medley of solids such as rocks, wood, plastics, bone, food waste, and other textiles. Among the unique features of the 7 SHRED series of grinders is the shaft seal options which can be supplied with an economical dry seal for applications of little to no water and JWCE's exclusive mechanical seals constructed of tungsten carbide, rated for applications with lots of liquids.     The unique design of Monster Industrial shredders also makes them incredibly energy efficient. We've received over 70 patents for our innovative shredder technologies and we continue to make improvements every year to cutter materials, seals, motor efficiency and shredder longevity.   "The 7 SHRED's power and throughput, along with the ability to operate in wet or dry conditions, allow us to enter new strategic markets that have been under serviced in the past," said Greg Guard, JWCE's V.P. Industrial Business Unit. "The affordable price tag and low energy consumption are the icing on the cake."


  • 100 HP
  • product reduction of up to 1500 ft3/h
  • smooth, reliable grinding 
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