A new twelve-page catalog presenting the line of industrial grade hand knives and mill blades for use in the shop or the field is available from Hyde Industrial Blade Solutions (IBS). Professionals ranging from roofing and flooring contractors and cable linemen to potters and woodcarvers can view one of the world’s most complete lines of industrial and safety knives in this new Industrial Hand Knives and Blades catalog.

This four-color catalog contains helpful tables and listings with Hyde’s extensive range of blades used in the cutting of plastic and rubber flashing, wood, paper, cloth, leather, insulation, hose and food processing operations and more. An easy-to-read index helps users find blades by type. Readers will also find handy reference materials assisting them in customizing their tools by selecting individual blade and handle types based upon their preferences.

The new Industrial Hand Knives and Blades catalog provides details on Hyde’s patented line of heavy-duty Black and Silver® trade knives featuring rugged, rubberized handles with no-slip texture for improved safety on the job. These hand knives come in a variety of configurations with long and short point, fixed or adjustable, straight or serrated blades for a multitude of cutting applications.

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