Industrial Handheld Flashlights


tUK proudly announces  the launch of  the smallest, lightest, brightest and longest lasting, 3 c-cell cell cell cell flashlight available: the Gatorlite 3C eLED CPO. With an amazing output of 125 lumens,  a burn time of over 32 hours, a depth rating of 100ft and a distance rating of 500 ft, this new, high intensity light features the latest in LEd technology, as well as in 3C hand light design, making it the brightest whilst delivering it in the smallest, lightest, and most ergonomically designed package of its class. Offering better visibility with rain, snow, fog, smoke or dust in the air, the Gatorlite boasts Compound Path Optics, capturing light and focusing it into a brighter, more concentrated beam with almost no "spill light."


  • output of 125 lumens
  • burn time of over 32 hours
  • distance rating of 500 ft
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