Industrial Infrared Heater


Radiant Energy Systems introduces a newly engineered industrial infrared heater that combines infrared with air for use in diverse types of manufacturing environments. The new SFA-Q Heater is a stamped foil element heater with a quartz plate in front of the elements. The plate allows infrared energy to pass through to the product while ensuring the heater remains isolated from the process. The inclusion of flowing air cools the quartz plate and internal heater components while simultaneously pressurizing the heater. This pressurization and purging ensures contaminates do not enter the heater housing nor become exposed to the heating elements.   

The SFA-Q elements heat up and respond quickly to different set points. Additionally, SFA-Q needs less cool-down time than a typical Quartz Face Heater.  The SFA-Q Heater is modular, similar to Radiant Energy Systems’ standard SFA Heaters (stamped foil with air aiding the infrared heat). It is energy efficient— the end product absorbs more energy allowing the line to run faster. ­­   

This new heater is specifically designed for operating within difficult environments like solvent or dusty applications and corrosive atmospheres. The pressurization prevents contaminates from contact with the heater elements. Additionally, the SFA-Q Heater can also be placed within many classifications of clean room environments. 


  • elements heat up and respond quickly
  • less cool-down time 
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