Industrial Intelliswitch Enables BACnet and Digital Controls for Air Curtains



The Industrial Intelliswitch is a digital controller platform that enables building managers to control and monitor air curtains individually or in groups via additional options such as the Berner AIR smart controller/app and BACnet. 


The (H x W x D) 12 x 12 x 6-in. (304 x 304 x 152 mm) control panel can be installed remotely or factory-installed on the unit. The 3.2 x 9.7-in. (80 x 246 mm) display can be located remotely from unit-mounted control panels.


The Intelliswitch, which is standard on all Berner Architectural air curtains, was adapted for industrial air curtains to offer building managers flexibility in operations with a built-in time delay, preset programs, 7-day scheduling, a temperature probe, low voltage circuit for unit activation via door switch or BMS. Users can program, operate, and monitor the air curtains through either a building management system using the BACnet-IP protocol, or a smartphone. The Berner AIR app also enables grouping, making it simpler and faster to program many air curtains across multiple locations.


Other Industrial Intelliswitch and Berner AIR package features are:



  • Remote troubleshooting for service diagnostics
  • Designed, assembled, and factory-tested in Berner’s UL-listed panel shop
  • Compatible with most voltages
  • Monitors air curtains with heating options (electric, hot water, and steam), with the exception of direct gas heat
  • Simple to operate and maintain
  • Improvement of air curtain monitoring and control


  • Fan speed
  • Time delay
  • Thermostat (temperature & fan)
  • Start/stop time
  • Customizable programs
  • Days & hours of the week to operate
  • Diagnostic capabilities
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