Industrial LED Luminaires


Cooper Crouse-Hinds offers a complete line of Pro Series Industrial LED Luminaires. Including the Champ® Pro PVM Series, Champ® Pro PFM Floodlight Series and Vaporgard™ Pro P2L Series, all products offer extended durability and energy-efficiency in industrial applications where reliability is crucial.   Ideal for locations requiring continuous and consistent light levels in extreme ambient temperatures, all Pro Series LED Luminaires provide an energy efficient solution to HID  and incandescent fixtures. Pro Series Luminaires provide a 50 and 85 percent energy savings compared to HID and incandescent equivalents respectively, and can replace 70W through 400W equivalent output fixtures.  

“LED technology is a proven solution for customers looking to save on both energy and overall maintenance costs,” said Grant Gawronski, President, Cooper Crouse-Hinds. “And, with so many customers choosing LED, it isn’t the light source of the future anymore; it’s the light source of today. As a company that prides itself on innovative solutions, we’re pleased to offer customers the wide range of options available within our LED family.  The Pro Series Industrial LEDs are the latest addition to our industry-leading portfolio of LED luminaires for harsh and hazardous applications”   

Designed for long-life and efficiency, Pro Series LED Luminaires from Cooper Crouse-Hinds represent a significant upgrade over traditional light sources. In addition to energy savings, LED luminaires provide users with an expected operating life of roughly 60,000 hours; more than twice the life of high pressure sodium and roughly four times that of metal halide lamps. Additionally, once a product does reach the end of its life cycle, disposal is quick and easy as LED products contain no mercury or other hazardous substances.     

Including retrofittable mounting modules, Pro Series LED Luminaires can be easily included in existing designs for reduced installation costs. They also include shock- and vibration-resistant solid-state devices void of any filament or glass components capable of breaking. For added life, heat sinks have been specifically engineered to remove heat from the LEDs and driver for better lumen output and accurate color temperature.     

Pro Series LED Luminaires are ideal for industrial applications where corrosive, wet, dusty, hot and/or cold conditions exist. Each luminaire carries multiple certifications, including UL1598, UL1598A, cUL, and NEMA 4X. 


  •  replace 70W through 400W equivalent output fixtures
  • operating life of roughly 60,000 hours

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