Industrial Miniature Photoelectric Sensors


Automation Systems Interconnect, Inc. has launched a line of miniature photoelectric sensors. These sensors have been designed specifically for machine applications that require a sensor as small as possible but in an industrial package that will stand up to the environment. The new MT miniature photoelectric sensors are available in 3 sensing modes: polarized reflective, diffuse reflective, and in a thru beam model. The polarized reflective sensors are available in models for both solid and transparent material and the diffuse reflective is also available in a focalized version. The very small 12mm by 33mm package makes these sensors ideal for tight mounting locations on semiconductor machinery, packaging machinery and assembly systems. Each sensor features sensitivity adjustment, a yellow LED for output indication, a green LED for stability indication, and a convenient to use M8 4-pole connector connection to simplify installation. In addition, the sensors carry an IP66 rating which allows them to be used on almost any application where there are issues with dust or liquids normally found in industrial machinery environments. The sensing distance range is from .2 cm up to 6 meters depending on the model selected.
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