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GTarc machines, which can manufacture metal parts cost-efficiently and at high production speed, use 3DMP additive manufacturing technology. This technology is based on well-proven electric arc welding and is therefore using wire as original material. The final part is formed by applying welding layer over welding layer. Compared to other additive manufacturing technologies, which are based on powder as original material, 3DMP is considerably less expensive. Most standard materials are available as wire at significantly lower prices. GTarc machines manufacture near-net-shape metal parts at high quality standards, which are comparable to standard manufacturing methods. Only the finishing of the near-net-shape part is undertaken using standard CNC milling.


The GTarc machines are available in three versions. The 3-axis version GTarc 3000-3 can produce parts up to 3 m3. With an additional pan-tilt-table the 5-axis version GTarc 800-5 is suitable for parts up to 0.8 m3. In addition, there is the 5-axis GTarc 60-5 machine for parts up to 60 l and 200 kg.


A special 3DMP CAM software calculates the data out of the CAD model, thus enabling the CNC-control unit to position the welding head with high precision. The machine produces the near-net-shape part fully automatically.

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