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With the emphasis on organizations today to reduce costs and improve efficiencies, time is money. For many organizations, the time it takes for personnel to move around their facility on any given day often adds up to miles, and more importantly, hours of wasted time. On the never ending path of process improvement, many organizations are finding the utilization of GoPET industrial scooters for transporting staff and material as a "low lying fruit" solution. GoPET scooters are a patented, three-wheeled transportation device that can run up to 25 miles on a single charge. "My GoPET scooters save my employees up to 10 miles per day total in walking over the course of the company's daily three shift operation," says Lona Smith, General Manager of Hallmark DC in Kansas City, MO. She continued, "My management team and I really love how quickly we can get from one end of the facility to the other. Our GoPET scooters save hours every week in lost productivity. We are able to get to people and processes much quicker to address needs as they arise. All personnel are able to effectively accomplish far more in every given work day due to the GoPET scooter's capacity to travel at a rate five times faster than walking.A primary example would be a manager needing to supervise, review and monitor processes and employees located in multiple locations in one or sometimes multiple facilities. The GoPET scooter model's starting price of $1000 allow managers to increase their supervisory capacity by up to five times over their current levels and provide a fast return on investment (ROI) often measured in weeks. "The GoPET scooters are very reasonably priced compared to the efficiencies they provide our operation. I would definitely recommend these units to other facilities who have to cover a lot square footage and have to coordinate a lot of people and processes. We are more productive with GoPET scooters on site," Smith concluded.

The scooters plug into any standard electric outlet and costs under ten cents per day in energy costs to charge. The GoPET scooter's initial acquisition and cost of ownership numbers are dramatically one sided when compared to other electric transportation systems such as golf carts, Segways, or other transportation devices such as forklifts and pallet jacks. An optional trailer allows the GoPET scooter to transport up to 300 lbs. and operators require no training or certification courses. The intuitive design allows virtually anyone who has ridden a bike or scooter as a child to be fully confident and running in minutes. The GoPET scooter's zero turn radius allows operators to travel and penetrate every corner and tight spot efficiently within the facility.

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