Industrial Tuff CC-Link Data Cables


Belden, a world leader in the development of signal transmission solutions for the enterprise, industrial, broadcast, residential and building management/security markets, today announced the availability of its IndustrialTuff CC-Link cables. The new DataBus and DeviceBus cables are engineered specifically to meet the maximum performance specifications of Mitsubishi CC-Link.

CC-Link is an open field-level industrial network protocol that provides for high-speed communication linking of a wide range of automation devices over a single cable. Already an established standard in Asia, CC-Link is gaining rapid acceptance in North America and Europe, with a number of global standards organizations recognizing the technology. CC-Link technology is based on the use of an Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) available from Mitsubishi Electric Automation, which handles the complete data link and transport layers, thus assuring interoperability between devices. The Semiconductor Equipment Manufacturers Institute has identified CC-Link as an international standard for sensor/actuator networks (SEMI E54.12).

The new Belden CC-Link cables offer a robust construction, featuring foam HDPE insulations, overall Beldfoil and 78 percent tinned copper braid shields, 22 AWG (19x34) tinned copper drain wires, and red PVC jackets. The cables include:

Belden Part No. 1348A (Mitsubishi Part No. BA1SJ61-5), a 3-conductor data cable with 20 AWG stranded (7x28) bare copper conductors.

Belden Part No. 1349A (Mitsubishi Part No. BA1SJ61-P), a 5-conductor data and power cable with three 20 AWG stranded (7x28) and two 18 AWG stranded (7x26) bare copper conductors.


• Color: Black • Weight: 0.250 lbs. • Packaging: Individual packaged in carton. • Storage Temperature Range: -40°C To +70°C • Installation Temperature Range: -10°C To +60°C
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