Industrial Vacuums for Food and Pharmaceutical Facilities


Nilfisk White Line vacuums are tailored to meet manufacturer’s requests for advanced safety solutions, easy-to-clean design and application-special features.VHW400 series vacuums are perfect for process integration with packaging, compression, capsule filling and tablet press equipment and general cleaning in pharmaceutical production cells and manufacturing areas.


GMP-compliant design, ease-of-use, quiet operation and reliability make the White Line the most popular where hygiene is essential to the application. The VHW420, VHW421 and VHW440 are all equipped with conical cartridge filters that provide more surface area, extended filter life and resistance to clogging. To reduce production downtime, users can clean filters with the standard PullClean filtration system while the vacuum is in use. The VHW440, equipped with a 6.17 HP regenerative motor provides significantly higher performance and airflow for the collection of fine dust. These units also come standard with a downstream HEPA filter, stainless steel collection container, power cord, manometer and manual motor starter.


With a smarter design, the VHW400 series offers a wide range of options and upgrades, providing customers with a tailor-made industrial vacuum cleaner, including:

  1. HEPA filtered Safe-Pak container for safe collection and disposal of potent compounds
  2. PTFE or HEPA conical cartridge filter mediums for special applications
  3. PulseClean cartridge purge system for automatic filter cleaning
  4. Bag-In Bag-Out system for safe replacement of the upstream HEPA filter, eliminating the possibility of contact with any collected toxic materials
  5. Stainless steel chassis and/or filter chamber
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