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Water Maze, a leading manufacturer of industrial wastewater treatment systems since 1989, has introduced the next generation in automated wastewater recycling equipment that uses electro-coagulation and chemical treatment to remove emulsified oils, heavy solids and metals from a broad range of waste streams found in industrial washing applications. Collectively called the “Innovator Series”, the four new patent-pending Water Maze products are modular and can be used individually or together for a more complete filtration process. 
The new EC2-20A integrates electro-coagulation (an electrolytic process) and chemical flocculation to speed up the process of removing suspended solids to emulsified oils and heavy metals, all of which are a challenge for most water treatment systems. The electrolytic cell design is unique in that it features a stationary cartridge housing which automatically polarizes the water flow, so that solids and oils adhere together.
The EC2-20A is an easy to use treat and discharge system. It’s also easy to install and maintain. The highly efficient compact design has a small footprint and features a one-button control as well as a PLC control system to automatically fill and purge each tank.
The CoAg2-20A is an advanced chemical treatment system for treating industrial wastewater. This system employs chemical coagulation and chemical flocculation technologies, similar to the EC2, that are designed to speed up the process of removing suspended solids and emulsified oils. The CoAg system may be highly effective as a pre-treatment system to another water treatment technology. With a continual flow and batch feeding system, the CoAg system has processing flow rates up to 20 gallons per minute.
Another component in the Innovator Series is the Indexing Polishing Filter (IPF). Used as a pre-treatment or post treatment to another water treatment technology, the polishing filter employs various micron size media paper to filter out particulates in water. The IPF is equipped with adjustable support legs to accommodate different sump sizes, or can be lowered over the top of an existing sump drain.
The final component in the Innovator Series is the Clean Water Recycle Module, which simply manages the flow of water in and out of the system. For example, if treated water will be used with a pressure washer, the Clean Water Recycle Module serves as the holding tank to deliver water to the washer.
The benefits of the Innovator Series technologies are many, but most importantly, the system eliminates standing water in the system, which eradicates odors. Water is quickly processed and discharged to sewer or held for recycling. All components are ETL certified to the rigid UL-73 safety standards and is built in an ISO-9001-quality Water Maze factory.

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