Industrial Wireless Solutions


Cooper Crouse-Hinds, leader in global explosion-proof protection, has announced the addition of an extensive product line of industrial-focused wireless monitoring solutions.  Designed specifically for monitoring and controlling processes in challenging or difficult industrial and hazardous applications, the ground-breaking wireless products provide an innovative alternative to traditional hard-wired systems, which can be quite costly due to long distances between communication points, structural obstacles, and general impracticality.

Through a comprehensive system of transmitters, receivers, transceivers and interface gateways, Cooper Crouse-Hinds Industrial Wireless Solutions offer both one-and two-way wireless monitoring capabilities for a host of industrial applications, including tank level monitoring, pump performance metrics, conveyor belt alignments, heat trace monitoring and much more.  In addition, the product line is complemented by a lengthy list of accessories, including high-powered antennas for long-distance communications, and explosion-proof enclosures, ideal for any hazardous application.

“Cooper Crouse-Hinds has been an industry leader in delivering trusted solutions to the industrial marketplace for over 100 years,” said Dave Holloway, General Manager of Productivity Solutions at Cooper Crouse-Hinds.  “The addition of these industry-proven wireless capabilities is further proof that we are committed to providing innovative and technologically advanced solutions to our customers.”

The Cooper Crouse-Hinds Industrial Wireless Solutions offer a unique blend of convenient, cost-saving features, and provide the same quality and dependability that is expected from the time-tested Cooper Crouse-Hinds name.  Easy to use, and simple to install, each device offers a vast selection of digital, analog, and pulse inputs that allow fewer radios per system, adding to overall cost savings.  In addition, each radio can be configured for exception reporting (only transmitting when a signal value changes) with messages delivered in blocks to compress signal information, thus minimizing bandwidth usage and preserving battery life.  In applications where security is vital, the wireless system operates with high security data encryption and frequency encoding algorithms that protect against industrial espionage or malicious network hacking.

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