Industry 4.0 Software for Tooling


Connect tooling processes to the cloud with Version 4.8, which  sits in between planning and real world production, providing added optimization to transition from Tool Data toward Tool Lifecycle Management.

Key features in this release include: multi-tool support in TDM Base Module; data import from MachiningCloud; wireless connection for bar code scanners in TDM Tool Crib module (LGM); at-a-glance CAM data for the operator; and the ability to generate solid models for tool assemblies faster and easier.


  • Combines more tool assembly data records with the same bill of materials in a so called multi-tool data recor
  • Users can see the search criteria corresponding to partial data records of a multi-tool displayed as well as the multi-tool data record
  • Interface to the new CASIO scanner DT-200 has been extended so that it can be connected to the system wirelessly
  • All issuing processes are made without caching and offline transmissions, via a base station, are transmitted quickly to the system
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