Inert Atmosphere Oven Heats Polymer Fibers


For heating polymer fibers at the customer facility, the No. 1033 inert atmosphere oven will get the job done. The oven gets to 500ºC (932ºF) and the aluminized steel exterior reaches 500ºC (932ºF) and is 7 feet tall.

The inert atmosphere construction comprises a gas pressure regulator, flow meter, pressure gauge, internal high-temperature gasket, all welded expansion connection in doorway throat, air jacket on inner oven for cooling, ½-in. thick cellular silicone rubber atmosphere seal, blower shaft seal, pneumatic positive latching door hardware, adjustable offset door hinges, outlet with pressure relief, interior seams all welded gas-tight plus all wall penetrations are fitted with compression fittings.


  • 54 x 36 x 84 in.
  • 60 kW tubular elements
  • 8-in thick insulated walls plus an aluminized steel exterior
  • 10,000 CFM, 7-1/2 HP recirculating blower
  • Digital programming temperature controller
  • Manual reset excess temperature controller with separate contactors
  • Recirculating airflow safety switch
  • Paperless event recorder
  • SCR power controller
  • Trace level oxygen analyzer
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