Infilink-HMI Version 5


Kessler-Ellis Products (KEP) announces the latest version of its robust industrial automation software solution, Infilink-HMI Version 5. Feature-packed and affordably priced, Infilink-HMI provides machine builders a powerful software package that is quick to install and easy to configure under Windows® 7 and XP operating systems. Designed for small- to medium-sized PLC applications, the new Infilink software offers the latest in HMI monitoring, communication, trending and datalogging. With a run-time license price that is half of most competitors, and no annual maintenance or support fees, Infilink-HMI is the ultimate economical software solution for industrial automation applications.
The perfect complement to any PLC-equipped machinery, Infilink-HMI software can be quickly adapted to provide access to critical data in even the most challenging environments. Key features include a free design mode for drag-and-drop application design and free OPC Server with communication driver. Infilink-HMI also includes a graphical library with the ability to import drawing tools, buttons and animations; historical and real-time trending; a datalogger and customizable alarms. Embedded web server, text-to-speech, telephony and email scripting command functionality are also included with unlimited tag licensing.
“KEP’s new version of Infilink-HMI is a leap forward in easy-to-use and powerful HMI software,” said Ron Dawson, product manager, KEP. “Well-suited for small- to medium-sized PLC implementations, our software can be quickly configured and customized for use in countless industrial applications. Aggressive pricing and bundled customer support ensure that our customers have access to the technology they need at industry-leading prices without the headaches of annual service contracts; and our free development software allows applications to be designed and tested before the customer has to pay anything.”
Current Infilink customers include oil rigs, hydraulic fracing sites, luxury yachts and commercial and military vessels, countless industrial facilities, and small towns and municipalities.


  • no annual maintenance or support fees
  • access to critical data
  • free design mode
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